Air charter flights throughout Southern Africa – Surveys, Training, Photography, Travel, and so much more…



Our PA 31 – Piper Chieftain has capacity of 1 crew and 8 passengers. With a range of 885 nm this is a wonderful aircraft for a larger group or for business-trips with our club seating


The C172 Hawk XPII accommodates 1 crew and 3 passengers with a range of 600nm. 



Our Robinson 44 helicopter is an exciting addition to the Sky Trails fleet. Capacity for 1 crew and 3 passengers allows for small group trips in an unparalleled experience.

A range of 330nm is possible with this machine.


  The twin-engined C337 Skymaster suits 1 crew and 5 passengers with a range of 900nm.



The Cessna 206 Skywagon can accommodate
1 crew and 5 passengers and has a range of 600nm.
Excellent for transport into remote bushstrips