Air charter flights throughout Southern Africa – Surveys, Training, Photography, Travel, and so much more…

About Skytrails

Sky Trails is a diversified and experienced company offering many special activities to its clients, including:


  • Scenic flights over National Parks taking in the expansive scenery and spectacular animal species, 
  • Survey work, in particular game counts, road and mining surveys. 
  • Skydiving adventures over African terrain 
  • Charter flights across Zambia and beyond. See our destinations  
  • Pilot training. From ‘wannabe’ pilots to commercial pilots, Sky Trails offers the flight training you need

Sky Trails is experienced and determined to provide you with the best service and flight in Zambia.

Licenses & Safety

  • AOC Holder
  • Specialties : skydiving, aerial surveys
  • Soon to be Zambia’s next ATO
  • Safety Ratings