Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries for air transport, surveys, or for any advice on aviation related matters in Zambia!
We are fully licensed by the Zambian Ministry of Transport for Domestic and International Passenger Charters as well as Aerial Survey work and carry internationally approved liability insurance.
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The Kasanka Trust is a wildlife charity, which manages the Kasanka National Park in Zambia’s Central province and hosts visitors and volunteers to Kasanka and the Bangweulu.
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Sky Trails Ltd Mobile Cell Numbers +260 977 790500,  +260 977 740899,  +260 979 206337    P.O.Box AP47,  Lusaka Airport,  Zambia  Email >
Sky Trails offers very competitive charter flights all over Zambia. With charter aircraft based in the North and East of Zambia, we can offer exceptionally affordable charters around the Northern half of Zambia. We also offer the best rates to the rest of the country with our Lusaka based aircraft
We have blanket clearance to operate flights to or from anywhere in Malawi and can obtain clearance at short notice for flights into Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and beyond.
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Surveys & Other Aerial Work If you are looking for any type of survey or aerial photography work Sky Trails are the specialists with thousands of hours of experience and local knowledge from every corner of Zambia.
Safety Sky Trails has been operating since 2003 and has an excellent safety and reliability record with no accidents or incidents to date.
The R44 Raven II  9J-TOM has been permanently imported and registered in Zambia and is fully licensed and insured for all types of operations. This helicopter will carry up to 3 passengers at 200 km/h and is ideal for a wide range of utility applications such as: Trips across Lusaka, Airport to Lilayi, Lusaka West or Town Centre, Sightseeing,  Rapid transport to bush locations, Filming, Vehicle tracking and other security work, Cash in transit, Aerial survey for Mapping, Photography, Wildlife counts, Promotional work, Emergencies such as Medivacs and Security emergencies.  Priced at only K4,500 per hour - this is the most affordable helicopter in Zambia.
Sky Trails already has over 10 years of experience in air charters, bush flying, surveys, wildlife work and filming. We continue to offer all these services from our fixed wing fleet as well as the helicopter. Our safety record is probably the best in Zambia with no single accident in 10 years of operation. In short we offer the most comprehensive, safe and affordable air services. Contact us on (+260) 0977 337206  or 0977 790500 or 0977 740899 Email:
All our aircraft offer excellent visibility, and are well equipped with radar altimeters, intercoms etc.